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NCCS Dataportal - Joint OSSE

This U.S. Government resource is for authorized use only. If not authorized to access this resource, disconnect now. Unauthorized use of, or access to, this resource may subject you to disciplinary action or criminal prosecution. By accessing and using this resource, you are consenting to monitoring, keystroke recording, or auditing.

Joint OSSE Data Usage and Credit

This data must not be used for commercial purposes and redistribution rights are not given. Originating institutes must be given credit in any publications in which this data is used.

If you are interested in using the data or need assistance please contact the originating institute.

For more information about Joint OSSE and the data sets, please visit the Joint OSSE website.

Dataset Originating Institute Contact
NCEP Obs NOAA/NCEP Michiko Masutani (Michiko.Masutani\
Michiko Masutani (Michiko.Masutani\
NCEP_prebufr NOAA/NCEP Michiko Masutani (Michiko.Masutani\

[ICO]NameLast modifiedSizeDescription

[DIR]Parent Directory  -  
[DIR]NCEP-NESDIS/14-Oct-2011 12:47 -  
[DIR]NCEP_Obs/07-Jan-2015 10:55 -  
[DIR]NCEP_prepbufr/14-Oct-2011 12:38 -  

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